Kingdom Values

Kingdom: A Community Church is founded upon five basic spiritual disciplines. Every single Kingdom ministry is launched by one or all of these disciplines.


Throughout the scriptures, God calls His children to be a people who are characterized by a life of prayer. Prayer is communion with God and the support system for everything we do, whether they are together or reaching out to the world. It is during prayer that we receive our fuel to love one another and the world around us. Prayer is not something the people of Kingdom do; it is the nature of who we are. 


Worship is singing to God, but it is also so much more. Worship is the expression of love, thankfulness, and devotion to God; and, worship is the declaration of the Christian faith to those who have assembled in the place of worship. Worship is expressed through song, instrumentation, posture, sacrament, stillness, and movement. Kingdom is committed to the expressions of worship by every nation, tribe, and tongue whose common denominator is Jesus Messiah.


Fasting is a spiritual discipline that most overlook. Kingdom makes fasting a part of our primary focus. Jesus told His disciples that until His return, occasionally God's children will be called to fast. The easiest definition of fasting is to release with one hand the items of basic sustenance (such as food) so that, with two hands, we can cling to God. While fasting is not always the desire of God, very often God will call His children to step away from the world in order to be spiritually strengthened to better serve Him.


The Bible is God's Word containing sixty-six books comprised of historical accounts, prayers, songs of worship, prophecy, poetry, parables, and revelation. There are ways that seem correct to humanity, but everything necessary to receive God's reconciling love and God's design for each life is contained in the scriptures. So, on the Word of God is where Kingdom: A Community Church stands.


Bathed in prayer, in front of God through the solitude of fasting, expressing love and thankfulness through worship, and hearing God's Word through the scripture, we are properly prepared to engage in ministry, both in the Church and the world. Ministry at Kingdom is a three-step process.


First, we minister to Save. To Save is simply bringing the world to the good news of God's reconciling love of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.


Next, we Build. To Build is building people up in the life that is Christianity.


Finally, we Send. To Send is empowering people to go into their spheres of influence to share the love of God that in the past was shared with them.